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« When I take pictures of deportees, I don't do flattering portraits. I want people to look at their faces and imagine the memories they have behind them. »

Laszlo Seily

Laszlo and his twin brother were born in 1937 in Budapest, Hungary. Unlike most Hungarian Jews, Laszlo and his family managed to survive in Budapest throughout the war. But Laszlo remembers when constant fear became part of his life. In 1944, the family was forced to relocate into a house for Jews where the living conditions were dreadful. Laszlo’s father then managed to get them a certificate of protection issued by Raoul Wallenberg. They left Hungary in 1956 and settled in the United States, where Laszlo became a professional photographer. In remembrance of his past, he has devoted part of his career to photographing survivors like himself.

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