Web series, books, podcasts, documentaries, conferences,The Last Ones is a global independent project that honors the last survivors of the Holocaust.

Now brought together on a dedicated platform, all our content is freely available to new generations, teachers and the general public.

For the past 5 years, we’ve been visiting the last survivors in their homes, over coffee and in a less solemn tone than is usually the case. They tell us about their childhood during the war, but also about the aftermath, and give us their view of the present.

These people, with their extraordinary strength and dignity, are a salutary example for young people who don’t necessarily have the heroes they should have.

The team

Sophie Nahum - Productrice


Founder “The Last Ones”
Laurent Preece - Producteur

Laurent Preece



Producer “The Last Ones”-US

Alice Attali

Events manager
Bob Rayers - Chef Monteur

Bob Rayers

Chief editor

Jérôme Eltabet

Xavier Liberman - Chef Opérateur et Photographe

Xavier Liberman

Chief Operator and Photographer
David Quesemand - Chef Opérateur et Photographe

David Quesemand

Chief Operator and Photographer
Delphine Adjedj - Directrice de production

Delphine Adjedj

Production Manager
Victoria Géraut-Velmont

Victoria Géraut-Velmont

Production assistant
Nicole Mateescu - Coordinatrice

Nicole Mateescu

Raphael Gottfarstein - Responsable des bénévoles et du Crowdfunding

Raphaël Gottfarstein

Head of Volunteers and Crowdfunding
Caroline Jenkins - Traductions et sous-titres


Sophie Berçot-Lieberman - corrections et traductions

Sophie Berçot-Lieberman

Corrections and translations

Dynirie Vazquez

Education Program coordinator


Webmaster US
Fernand Dutilleux

Fernand Dutilleux

Webdesign & development

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The Last Ones is a vast project. Web series, documentary films, conferences, books, podcasts, website, a video platform, “Les Derniers / The Last Ones” is a multidimensional project on the last Holocaust survivors. Launched in 2017, the idea behind this project was to create a link between the last Holocaust survivors and the younger generations. With several million views and tens of thousands of followers, our project is now used by many educators as a teaching tool. The Last Ones is a great way to teach History through the stories of people who lived it. .

The race against time to preserve history is more critical than ever. Our mission is to keep capturing as many testimonies as possible, so that we can educate future generations about the past through the powerful stories of those who lived it. By documenting these firsthand accounts, we aim to ensure that the voices of the past are never silenced, and that their lessons are never forgotten.

With more than a hundred episodes to its credit, this project launched in France in 2017 has emerged as a top leader in the field of Holocaust education, with millions of views across various social media platforms.

Our organization is dedicated to eternal remembrance of The Holocaust.
We invite you to join us in this crucial task of remembrance, so that the voices of the millions silenced by the Holocaust can be heard through these videos, ensuring that the world will NEVER FORGET.

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