Educational program

The Last Ones connects the past to the present through engaging educational programs. Our free online testimonies from Holocaust survivors are crafted to meet the needs of today’s learners—concise, emotionally impactful, and easily accessible. These stories not only document the harrowing experiences of survivors across the globe but also serve as a powerful tool for education about the dangers of hatred and prejudice.

Launched in 2017, our project has rapidly become a leader in Holocaust education in France, recognized for its dedication to remembrance and its success in reaching young minds. With a legacy of over a hundred episodes, we bring this pivotal moment in history to life, encouraging critical reflection and a commitment to justice.

A recent poll revealed a startling truth: one in five young Americans believe the Holocaust is a myth, with only half unequivocally rejecting such denial. These numbers are not just concerning; they demand a response. At a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise both domestically and internationally, educating the youth about this history is more than a duty—it is an urgent necessity. Let us renew our pledge to ‘Never again’ by not only teaching about the Holocaust but also addressing the antisemitic ideologies that fueled such atrocities.

The lessons we impart about the Holocaust are incomplete without understanding the dangerous myths and stereotypes that underpin antisemitism. It’s this knowledge that empowers future generations to stand against the currents of injustice that once led to such profound tragedy.

If you’re looking to bring this essential education to your school, please [click here] to learn how we can support you with speakers and resources that make a difference. Together, we can confront ignorance with truth and honor the memory of those we’ve lost by educating for a better future.