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« The deportees who came back didn't want to talk. I would have liked to know what my father had gone through. »

Jacques Lubin

The youngest of four siblings, Jacques was born in Paris in 1933 to Polish parents. As soon as the war broke out, the family left Paris to take refuge in La Bourboule, then in a small village near Limoges (central southwest of France). In 1944, Jacques' father and brother were arrested. His mother then took her youngest son into hiding in a hamlet near Oradour-sur-Glane. Since he was not attending school at the time, he eluded the massacre of June 10, 1944, of which Michèle Vauchamps, the daughter of the couple who took him in, was one of the 643 victims. At the end of the war, Jacques was reunited with his family. His mother went to the Lutetia Hotel every day in the hope of finding her husband, who eventually returned, but never spoke about what had happened to him.

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