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« My mother didn't just give me life once, by saving me, she gave me life twice. »

Anita Karl

Anita was born in 1928 in Lwow in Poland, which became the city of Lviv in Ukraine. In 1941, Anita, her two sisters and her parents were forced to leave everything behind and join the Lwow ghetto. The living conditions there were horrific. Anita’s mother refusing to see her daughters die in this place, managed to escape with her daughters. But for the plan to work, her father had to stay behind. Anita’s mother then obtained false papers enabling them to hide in a Polish village. Her father escaped from the ghetto, hid in the same village, but was eventually shot. At the end of the war, Anita, her sisters and her mother joined an uncle in Peru. Among the 150,000 Jews in the ghetto, only 200 survived. Anita is one of those.

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