The Last Ones

Esther, Ginette and the others

Discover the first images of our feature documentary “The Last Ones”.

Esther Senot and Ginette Kolinka are among the very first Holocaust survivors we have filmed on various occasions since 2017. Just after the COVID lockdown, we wanted to bring them together with Julia Wallach for an afternoon tea, and that day they spontaneously exchanged stories about their experiences and deportation to Birkenau.

That very evening, Ginette and Esther called me to share that, even though they both frequently gave testimonies, they had never taken the time to talk together and compare their experiences. I then came up with the idea of taking them together to Normandy. During those few unforgettable days, they soaked up the sun and talked, with Ginette’s inimitable wit and humor and Esther’s seriousness producing an absolutely unique and unprecedented result. Here, for the first time, are some images from this film we are dedicating to them, which will soon be available.


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